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Zoom Poker, an online variant of high-speed poker on PokerStars, has already become very popular although PokerStars launched it recently. Initially, Zoom Poker can make players feel dizzy, but once they get used to the rapidly changing tables, poker hands, and opponents, players cannot help but enjoy the thrill and adventure of Zoom Poker.

Since Zoom Poker is different from the usual cash games played at online poker rooms, players need to employ different strategies to make any money at the Zoom Poker tables. Here are a few Zoom poker strategies that will help players preserve their bankrolls and maximize their profits playing Zoom Poker.

Get Used to the Speed

Zoom Poker is fast poker and beginners will need some time just to get used to the game speed. Under these circumstances, making multiple entries into Zoom Poker and trying to multi table is the worst mistake beginners can make. As a first step, players should play a few games of Zoom Poker for free and get used to the different format. They can then experiment with multiple tables and try implementing new strategies.


Zoom Poker Strategies


Take Notes

Beginners might wonder if it is possible for any poker player to take notes in a game that moves as fast as Zoom Poker does. Initially, players might find it difficult to maintain notes, but if they try hard enough they can jot down a few notes in between sessions.

Players can also use the Control key to watch hands that have already been played so that they come to know exactly what happened and how the hand could have been played better. They could use the lesson learned or the information gained during the next sessions.

Avoid Getting Mad

Poker opponents often behave in the craziest manner, but players should learn to take this in stride. Moreover, it is useless getting wild with opponents in the Zoom Poker format, where one is playing in a pool of players and not against a fixed set of opponents. In other words, opponents change and so do tables at a pace so rapid that players will hardly find time even to breathe.

Tight is Right

Players should play as tight as possible. Since there is no waiting time in Zoom Poker, players will get a new table and a new hand almost as soon as they fold. So they can afford to continue folding all the poor hands till they get a really good hand.

Playing Multiple Tables

While beginners are advised not to try multiple tables till they get used to the high-speed format, experienced players can play multiple tables simultaneously as it is a great way to collect more points and boost bankrolls.

Players interested in learning more Zoom Poker tips and strategies simply have to visit the PokerStars Blog, where prominent poker pros such as Martin Staszko and others have shared their Zoom Poker secrets. Since these strategies are available free of charge at blogs and websites, almost every Zoom Poker player tries them out with the hopes of winning big.


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