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Texas Hold 'Em Strategies


Texas Holdem Strategy

Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular poker games in the world. It is also the most widely-played game in land and online casinos. For beginners, this is the best game to start with, since Texas Hold'em offers novices a great chance to win. However, the role played by strategy and skill in this game cannot be underestimated. For players looking to play just for fun, with no basic skills, Texas Hold'em can spring a nasty surprise.  It is natural for beginners to believe that they can call when they have pot odds without taking their opponents game plan into consideration. More often than not, this can prove disastrous. On low limit tables, such as the $2-$4 and $4-$8, this scenario is often witnessed. Most beginners play with no discipline, thereby losing a lot of money in the long-run.


Basic Texas Hold'em Strategy


Basic Texas Hold'em strategy involves certain dos and don'ts.  Basically, tight and aggressive play offers you a better chance of winning Texas Hold'em. This is especially the case when you are playing medium and strong games. One of the most effective Texas Hold'em strategies is to play premium starting hands as much as possible. Usually, this ploy helps you see 20-25% of the flops in regular games.


Table selection is an important Texas Hold'em Strategy. Beginners should be cautious when they are playing tight tables, where they come across opponents who play aggressively. These games are extremely volatile and usually bring you low profits. The most effective Texas Hold'em strategy for beginners is to avoid playing good players initially. These players are very good at reading your game plan and have the potential to draw more money from you. In the beginning, it is always the best idea to play in loose tables that see flops at least 30% of the time.


More Tips on Winning Texas Hold'em Poker Games


An effective Texas Hold'em strategy is to have pot odds when you draw. It is essential that you call a bet only when you realize that the pot demands it. Poker is a game that involves analyzing your strengths and understanding the weaknesses of your opponents. Observe how your opponents are playing to identify any betting patterns or repetitive behavior. With the information you have gathered, you can formulate an effective Texas Hold'em strategy for the later rounds in the game. Playing your opponents is usually more effective than playing your cards. Observe how they raise, what hands they usually raise or re-raise with, when they call, how they play draws, etc. This will give you an idea of how your opponent would react to a specific situation.


Hands, Bets and Pots Strategy in Texas Hold'em Poker


Bet or raise only when it is needed. It is essential to exhibit restraint when you are looking to call. Do it only when you have to. Since Texas Hold'em is a game that involves drawing hands that can bet on you, you have to be cautious with your hands. In case you hold the best hand, you should look to bet or raise almost all of the time. 


An effective Texas Hold'em strategy is to hold a good kicker. Strong side cards or kickers along with strong cards can make a terrific hand. Weak kickers, on the other hand, can cost you a lot of money if long-term profits are considered.
Winning Texas Hold'em strategies require that you look to steal pots in a late position. There are fewer players and if you are checked, you can take the pot in a late position. However, make sure you do it only when nobody has been able to make much from the board. And it is also important to consider the strength of the opponents who are left in the round.


Flexibility in game plan is a very important Texas Hold'em strategy. It is important that you change your play to deceive your opponents. You can limp on "raising hands" at times. At the same time, you can also bet or raise on a few "calling hands". And make sure that you employ this Texas Hold'em strategy before as well as after the flop. This will ensure that you are not too predictable in the way you play.


Don'ts of Texas Hold'em Strategy


As a part of your Texas Hold'em strategy, it is essential that you do not play too many starting hands or call excessively with many trap hands. At the same time, do not hesitate to fold when you have a modest hand. This is the most effective Texas Hold'em strategy when you hold a top-pair clubbed with weak kickers or middle-pairs. Do not call to the river when you do not have appropriate pot odds. And make sure that you do not call too much when you have to raise with the best hands.


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