Blaze Poker Strategies

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Since Microgaming has recently released Blaze Poker, its brand new high-speed poker product, which is similar to Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker and PokerStars’ Zoom Poker, players are yet to explore the format and develop Blaze strategies to enhance their chances of winning the pot.

Players who have played variants such as Zoom Poker and Rush Poker will find it very easy to play Blaze Poker because these variants bear a striking similarity to one another. Players who enter a game of Blaze Poker are placed in a pool of poker players and given a poker table. They can fold their hands whenever they wish and the software will immediately give them another table and deal them a new hand. The game moves at top speed, and players can further increase the speed of the game by using the Quick Fold option, which enables them to fold out of turn and move to another table.

Since the Blaze Poker format differs from the usual ring game format, players will have to employ a different set of strategies to maximize their Blaze Poker profits. First, they must understand Blaze Poker and how it is different from cash games thoroughly.


In Blaze Poker, opponents and tables change at a pace so rapid that it can confuse new players. Players can never play with the same opponents for long and can never get the time to identify the fish and the sharks. They do not get a chance to choose their own tables either as the software gives them a table as soon as they finish with the previous table. One can say that Blaze Poker is almost similar to anonymous poker as players can never know who they are playing against.

The very rapid pace of Blaze Poker makes it very difficult for players to analyze opponent behavior, keep track of gaming styles, read poker tells, take notes, and so on although some poker pros say that it is not only possible to do so, but also essential as it helps them improve their performance.

Play Tight

In Blaze Poker, players can play as tightly as possible because no opponent would notice it. When a player folds and moves to a new table, he/she is in the midst of brand new opponents who do not know his/her Blaze Poker history. They have no way of knowing that he/she just folded nearly two dozen hands and has finally got an Ace pair. One of them might play an Ace-King combination, leading the player with the Ace pair closer to the pot.

Blaze Poker players, therefore, should never take chances with poor and mediocre hands, but fold them mercilessly till they get the really good hands.

Use Quick Fold

Blaze Poker has the Quick Fold option that enables players with poor hands to fold and move to another table even before turn. If a player in late position doesn’t Quick Fold, it means that he/she either has a great hand or is a fish or is playing on the blind. 

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