Blackjack Card Counting

Understand the basics of blackjack card counting theories


Even though a touch of luck may certainly assist a blackjack gamer, many people view this as a game of skill. Once skill is involved in a game, there are many that look for strategies and systems to help them to win a game. Some blackjack gamers use a card counting method to help to increase their chances of winning the game.


Blackjack Card Counting Basics


Before even contemplating the idea of using a blackjack card counting theory, it is first wise to understand the concept behind such a counting system. The theory of card counting in the blackjack game involves keeping track of each card that is dealt so that the player may have some sort of idea regarding which cards remain in the deck of cards.  There are many different kinds of card counting systems in the blackjack game but the basic idea is the same.


The Way A Blackjack Card Counting System Works


The theory behind card counting in blackjack is all about mathematical probabilities.  The card counting system aims to determine the percentage of high and low cards that remain in the pack of cards.  For example, if a high proportion of the cards already dealt out are low cards, then a high percentage of high cards will be in the deck waiting to be dealt.  Such a situation produces a positive card count. In a positive card count the odds are in the player's favor, while in a negative card count there is a house advantage.


If there is a positive card count and the advantage is therefore in the player's favor, then a player may wish to place more money on a wager.  In the event that the count drops during the game and may even become negative, it is recommended for the player to bet smaller amounts as the advantage now lies with the casino.  As the card count can change and probably will shift during a game, it is very important to continue with the counting as the game progresses.

Advantages of a Positive Count


When there is a positive count the chances are higher that the dealer's hand will go bust more frequently.  There is also a greater probability that the player will receive higher cards and even blackjacks. 


Winning With a Card Counting System


One of the important things about using a blackjack card counting system to its full potential is to practice. Practicing the method and thereby adjusting to the particular system is worthwhile in order to give the card counting system the best chance of winning.


It should be noted that in some land based casinos, blackjack card counting is not allowed.  However, at online casinos it is difficult to prevent players from using such a system.  It is easier for online blackjack players to track cards and moves.  A blackjack counting system could therefore be more suitable for online players.


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