Blackjack Glossary

Understand blackjack terms with a blackjack glossary


Blackjack Glossary

Many blackjack players believe that understanding a variety of terms that are often used in the game of blackjack is an important part of learning how to play this popular form of entertainment.


This blackjack glossary of terms should help newcomers to the game to gain an insight to the blackjack pursuit.







Blackjack Glossary Of Terms


  • Bankroll - This term concerns the amount of money that is available for betting.
  • Blackjack - It should be noted that this is not just the name of the game, but also refers to a winning hand that is created out of an Ace and a card valued at 10.
  • Break - This expression is used in some cases where the card total exceeds 21 (also called bust).
  • Bust - This more commonly refers to the situation where a card total exceeds the number of 21 (also called break). 
  • Double down - This refers to a situation in which a player may double the original bet after having looked at the first two cards dealt. 
  • Draw - This expression relates to the act of receiving an additional card following the dealing of the first two original cards.
  • Edge - This can also be described as advantage.
  • Face cards - The face cards are also known as royals, ie. the king, queen and jack.  These face cards are all valued at ten.
  • Hard hand - This refers to a hand that does not contain an Ace or alternatively, a hand with an Ace that is valued as 1.
  • High roller - This expression relates to a player who makes large bets at the casino.
  • Hit - This term refers to the call to receive an additional card.
  • Hole cards - This term relates cards that have been dealt and are face down. 
  • Natural - A natural hand is one that contains two cards that total twenty one.  This means that in the game of blackjack, a natural hand contains a blackjack.
  • Push - This is another term for a tie.
  • Soft hand - This is a term used for a hand containing an Ace that is counted as 11.
  • Split - This is a two hand blackjack hand that may be split or divided into two hands in the event that the original hand contains a pair.
  • Stand - This refers to the decision to stick and to deny the option of receiving any additional cards.
  • Surrender - This expression relates to the possibility in which a player may take back half of the original bet placed while at the same time the other half of the bet is automatically forfeited.
  • Tie - in a tie situation, both players have the same card total.  In a blackjack game tie, the player's wager is returned.
  • Twenty one The term twenty one is known as another name for the game of blackjack.


A glance at terms that are included in a blackjack glossary can help players to improve their game by gaining a better understanding of the workings of the blackjack pursuit.


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