Introduction to Blackjack Switch

Blackjack is an exciting form of entertainment that is available in different types and versions. A new variant of the game that appears to be gaining rapidly in popularity is blackjack switch. This fun game was created by an English player, Geoff Hall, and may be found at an increasing number of sites and locations.

Blackjack switch is a fascinating variation of the blackjack game that, as its name suggests, enables players to switch or swap cards between hands. This exchange of cards may only take place at a certain time. This blackjack pursuit involves the dealing of two hands to each participating player. The gamer may then choose to swap the top card of each hand. The main objective of this two hand card game is to trade or swap cards between the two hands in order to improve the combination of cards and therefore provide better chances of winning.


How to Play Blackjack Switch

Learning how to play blackjack switch is obviously an important part of the game. As certain acts that are frowned upon in other types of blackjack are permitted in this pursuit it is strongly recommended to check out the rules and conditions of the game before playing.

Although instructions for the game and terms may differ at different gaming sites, certain points regarding the game may be considered basic elements of blackjack switch and are outlined below.

In the blackjack switch game, two hands are dealt to each player. Players must place equal bets on both hands in this game.  It should be noted that the cards are dealt face up and the switch option may only be carried out between the two second cards that are dealt. The dealer hits on a soft 17 that is a 17 including an Ace. A doubling option is enabled on any two cards and following a split. In the event that the dealer obtains a 22, this means that all other hands are pushed, excluding a blackjack.


When to Switch

At blackjack switch, the option of exchanging cards between the two hands provides the player with improved chances of creating good blackjack hands. Although this is an act that would be considered as cheating in different blackjack games, in blackjack switch this is a legitimate action and a valuable element of the game.

Sometimes the decision of when to switch is automatic and clear and on other occasions, the cards that have been dealt present a more difficult decision for the player. In some instances, switching cards may create one good hand and the player then has to decide if that is preferable or if it is best to stick with the original card combination. Blackjack switch strategy is somewhat complicated as it takes into consideration the large number of different possible card combinations.


Where to Find Blackjack Switch

The blackjack switch game may today be accessed only at Playtech Casinos and it present a refreshing and innovative way to play blackjack. This fun form of entertainment may also be found at some land based casino locations such as in the Las Vegas area.

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