Blackjack Essentials

Learn when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender at blackjack


Learn when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender at blackjack

Understanding the workings of the blackjack game and the basic rules is an important factor before taking a look at the blackjack essentials.  Many newcomers to the game wish to learn when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender before playing blackjack for real money.  This is understandable as it is important to grasp the meanings of each of these actions, in order to gain an insight on how to play blackjack.  The acts of hit, stand, double, split or surrender can be described as the various options that are open to a blackjack player during a game.  Each of these individual blackjack gaming options are explained below.




The act of a hit in blackjack can be explained as the request for an additional card.  Blackjack players may hit as many times as they wish either until they go 'bust' or they decide to stand.



To stand in the game of blackjack is to stay with the cards that have been dealt. A player stands when satisfied with the cards in hand and when preferring not to request further cards.



This may only take place after a player has viewed the two cards dealt.
It should be taken into consideration that after doubling down a player may hit only once and therefore receive only one more card.  Many blackjack experts would therefore recommend that a good time to take advantage of the blackjack double down option is when in possession of a card total of 9, 10 or 11.  In such a situation, there is no possibility of going bust and the receipt of a high card upon the hit would create a high hand. 


A split is possible when a hand contains a pair. In such a situation, the pair may be separated into two individual hands.


Players may only split with a pair in a two card hand.  In the case of a split a new bet is then placed on the second hand.  The gamer then plays each hand separately until going bust or reaching the decision to stand.



The surrender option is available at the majority of online blackjack gaming locations.  This alternative enables a player to surrender the game, thereby forfeiting half the amount of the wager and receiving back the other half.  It should be noted that a player may only choose the surrender option under certain circumstances.  This option may not be selected after splitting a hand.  A player may also not surrender in the case that the dealer has a blackjack.


It should be noted that once a player has chosen to hit once, the options that are open are only to hit and to stand.  In order to clarify, double, split and surrender are actions that may only take place at the time of a two card hand.


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