Chat Names in Poker

Why you need a poker chat name


If you like playing poker online and you want a bit more from your game, then you might want to start getting into some of the poker chat rooms available.  The more you chat with other poker players, the more the game feels like a real, live poker casino game.  That just makes it more fun. Plus, you can develop a whole separate, elusive online poker personality, that can be a total escape from your everyday life.  However, before you start your online poker chatting at a poker chat room, bear these tips on mind for creating your poker chat name.  Because as everyone who chats at these poker chat rooms knows, your chat name can say a lot about you.


Some tips on what not to choose in your poker chat name


So there are a few things to bear in mind before making your final decision on your poker chat name.  First, it’s important to actually create a poker chat name.  It’s not a good idea at all to use your real name.  Why?  Because sometimes there can be the unfortunate one or two crazy stalkers who can really ruin everything for you.  Keep things private.  Keep personal matters and details to yourself.  Chances are most poker chatters are fine, but you really don’t want to take the risk.  In addition, no matter what your particular personality is, or how racy you see yourself, at an online chat room, you probably want to keep things pretty low key. So you’d be well advised to not choose anything that is too sexy or offensive; and a racist or anti-Semitic name is best to be avoided as well.  In other words, when picking your online chat name, keep it simple and think about whether the name you’d like has any possibility of offending anyone. The last thing you want is a chat war on your hands before you’ve even started chatting!


Some ideas on what you might want to use for your poker chat name


The most important thing to remember when choosing your poker chat name, is that you really want it to reflect, well, you.  Just because you’re using it in a poker environment, doesn’t mean that it can’t express other sides of you.  For example, you may want to be known as “catlover” if one of your other thrills in life is your pet cat. Or perhaps you would like to choose a name like “meateater” because a vegetarian is something you’re surely not (although be careful not to push the anti-vegetarian stuff; rather focus on how much you like meat).  Maybe you’re really into fitness and swimming is your thing.  In that case you might want to choose the poker chat name “swimlover,” of if you just need your morning jog before you’re ready to talk to anyone, “jogger” could be your name.  In other words, the name you choose should really be about what is special in your life; what makes you tick; what you think about on a regular basis; a big hobby of yours.  But be sure all the time to try not to put people off.  You are, after all, in some sense trying to impress your fellow poker players. The first thing they will see (and remember how first impressions always last) is your poker chat name.


Enjoy choosing your poker chat name


Ultimately though, regardless of all these “dos” and “don’t’s” tips, choosing your poker chat name should be a fun thing to do.  Think about what really makes you tick, consider if it is at all amusing and how other poker players might react to it, and start becoming that persona.  Really, when you’re at the poker chat room, it is a real time for you to sit back, relax and escape reality for a while.  Let your poker name have a helping hand in doing that for you.

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