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Play poker with voice chat and live webcam


888 Poker proved to the online poker gaming community that it is indeed one of the most unique online poker rooms in the industry by introducing PokerCam tables, which completely eliminate the need to use avatars. Instead of viewing lifeless avatars, players can actually meet their opponents in person through sophisticated web cam technology. It is just like playing poker live, except that players can play in the comforts of home.

A number of poker players did not like the idea of playing poker online because it did not give them an opportunity to study their opponents’ facial expressions and gestures. Thanks to PokerCam tables, the only difference between live poker and online poker has been eliminated; in other words, PokerCam tables have transformed online poker into live poker, giving players the authentic live gaming experience from the comforts of home.

A collection of poker tables in the gaming lobby of 888 Poker are PokerCam tables; this means that players can play at these tables only if they have web cams and are willing to be viewed by other players. This gives poker players the opportunity to study their opponents thoroughly and modify their gaming strategy and poker decisions based on opponent behavior—something that is not possible in online poker.

Besides, PokerCam players can also communicate with their opponents through sophisticated communications software that functions just like Skype. All PokerCam tables at 888 Poker have a webcam symbol against them, making it possible for players to easily identify them. A group of 30 poker players can comfortably play at one PokerCam table.

Regarding 888 Poker’s objectives in introducing PokerCam tables, Maytal Ginzburg of 888 Holdings says that PokerCam tables have been added to enhance the social aspect of playing poker, adding that online poker, which is mainly viewed as a way to make money, should also be considered as a way for players to meet and interact with like-minded people from all over the world.

PokerCam tables have greatly enhanced players’ gaming experience. Thanks to this software enhancement, players can not only view their opponents, but can also chat and interact with them. The feature has transformed online poker into live, social poker, making the game immensely entertaining. PokerCam tables have shifted players’ focus from winning the game to playing the game and interacting with poker friends. The poker gaming experience has become more friendly, relaxed, and social, with players no longer feeling as if they are playing against a machine. Instead, they feel as if they are participating in a real live game.

Most online poker players lose the essential skills of reading opponent behavior; but thanks to PokerCam tables, players can regain this lost art and become experts in both online and live poker gaming scenarios simply because they can gain plenty of practice studying their opponents and identifying their bluffs.

Currently, PokerCam tables are available at 888 Poker only to poker players from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Greece, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, and Switzerland.


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