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How far online gambling has come, especially with cool interactive poker chat rooms


When it comes to gambling online, there is so much more to do than just simply playing the games as one would do at a non-virtual casino.  Even though it seems like the opposite would be true, because of all the super high technology and advanced software available, what has happened is that there is more available for the online gambler today, making their gambling experience just so much more global.  Online poker has definitely taken advantage of this.  So for anyone who likes to play poker and is interested in all there is from the online poker casino, why not first check out the ever increasingly popular poker chat rooms?  You’ll be amazed at just what a great poker chat room can give to you, both in terms of meeting new people and actually improving your poker skills along the way.


Some of the benefits of poker chat rooms


So how, specifically, can poker chat rooms benefit the online poker player?  Well, for a start, since online poker players are unable to communicate one on one, face to face with each other, these chat rooms provide a way to interact regardless.  Through the chat box on these sites, players can literally “chat”  to other players, in real time, very much like they would at a real live casino.  As well, if you just feel like you want to chat to fellow poker players (as you might do at a regular casino), the chat room provides that accessibility.  Just nothing in particular –  talk about the weather or your girlfriend, or whatever is on your mind at the time.  But sometimes the chat can get very fiery indeed…


Some advantages and disadvantages of poker chat rooms


While generally poker chat rooms are good for meeting other poker players and just talking about nothing much in particular, occasionally the chat there can turn into something nasty, with some players being a bit obnoxious to each other, or putting them down.  While this might not be pleasant, actually what is even better about poker chat rooms than speaking to poker players at a regular casino is that a player at the chat room can just decide to quit the conversation.  It’s best if you steer away from such conversations and, from the beginning, try not to get involved.  But if you can’t, just remember: you can leave the chat room.  Now that’s far easier than walking away from a real life conversation that is taking a turn in a direction in which you do not want to go…


Avoid “tapping the glass”  in a poker chat room


Tapping the glass is a term used vis-à-vis poker chat rooms. What it means is upsetting your opponent to your disadvantage.  What happens when one taps the glass (of say, a fish bowl), is that the fish get upset.  Now, most of the money a player is trying to win playing poker comes from that specific fish (your opponent).  A happy opponent (aka, fish) is more likely to remain a fish than an unhappy one.  So by making your fish (opponent) feel inferior, you’ll cause him or her to want to evolve which won’t be good for your game in the long term as they won’t be enjoying the game, will get mad and that’ll have a ripple effect on you.  In other words, they may pull out of the game.  On the other hand, if you avoid tapping the glass the fish will be happy, will want to continue game play and may even not care how much money they lose (which will translate into more money wins for you).  In addition, this concept also extends to telling your opponent he or she is doing really well as then they’ll simply try and improve their skills which won’t be helpful to you either.  If you want to say anything at that point, keep it simple: “nice hand” will do very nicely. 




In poker chat rooms you have to play the game just as carefully as you do with actual poker.  Keep it simple.  Don’t say too much. Be cautious not to anger your opponent.  And get out of a bad chat as soon as you can.  But remember:  stay in the poker chat room if you’re having fun, because that’s ultimately what it’s all about.

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