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Poker is way more than just a game today – especially online!


A short explanation about social poker


Social poker is the term that has emerged to describe what is happening at online poker websites today.  Because people like to chat as well as play the game, there are now chat rooms, tournaments, opportunities to “meet” other players through online games, and really develop a sense of, well, “social poker.” Poker is way more than just a game today – especially online – it is a whole social activity that encompasses making friends and chatting about a whole load of topics that way extend poker.


Why social poker has become so, well, social!


If you think about it, poker is actually (potentially) a really sociable game.  It has always been perceived like that too, especially in the old western movies where everyone who is cool seems to be enjoying a game of poker, sitting smoking cigars around a poker table in the local saloon.  And of course players became friends like that. It was as important to develop a sense of real camaraderie as it was to become a skilled poker player.  Now even though so many people today play the game online, that hasn’t taken away from the fact that it remains, fundamentally, an extremely social game.  As well, poker is still highly popular in people’s personal homes – and you wouldn’t invite just anyone in to your home – you’d like to be social with them on some level too.


How poker can still be social through an online venue today


So it may initially seem that poker would lose some of its social capacity, now that it is being played more and more online.  True, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  First, with all of the highly reputable, popular, good poker sites, there is the chat option available. Through this, the poker dealer will provide a summary of the hand being played and there will always be messages all players can access which inform you about future events at the site.  As well, there is of course the option of really chatting – in real time – with other poker players, from Milan to Singapore; Russia to England and everywhere else in between.  Sometimes however, there can be a bad chat going on in which players are insulting each other.  The best action to take in this situation is simply bow out; you can always find another chat that is more positive, light and just fun.  As well, the site should offer you the ability to report such bad chats through the online support given.  Make sure you do that, so that you can have had a part in preventing this bad aura from moving forward.


How gaming improves through social poker


A lot of the reasons that people start gambling (at land casinos) in the first place is actually for the social aspect. Think about it: years ago, when the only option for gambling was basically going to a casino, people got dressed up to the nines, hired a babysitter, usually went out for dinner first and then started playing poker at the casino. It was a whole social evening.  Well, the same is sort of true for online social poker.  You ask anyone who plays the game online and they will tell you, hands down, that they have a much better evening playing poker when some of their “regular”  friends are playing the game and chatting with them too. It just makes it more fun and enjoyable all around.


Social poker starts slowly


It may just be a NH (Nice Hand) comment that you get from a fellow poker player on a chat that signifies the start of a beautiful friendship.  It’s always good to hear something positive for everyone and poker players are no different.  So if you feel you want to develop the game in to a more social one, and you see someone playing well, chat them with NH and see what happens from there.  You’ll be amazed at how far things go and how quick.  By the end of the night you’ll probably know where they come from, how many kids they have and what kind of married life they have!  It can be a lot of fun and put a real different spin on playing poker. 

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