Online Poker Rooms - The Community Feel

Some of the things one can expect from online poker rooms


Apart from the obvious – playing poker to make money – one can expect to get a real community feel from online poker rooms.  What this means is that rather than just play your game, you actually feel a connection with the other poker players…or at least some of them.  Since there is a chat option available in these rooms, one can be “chatting” in live time with other poker players while playing their games.  In addition, players can discuss poker playing strategies, offer tips to other players (or dud tips to put them off their game so that you have a better chance of winning!), or just have fun while getting to know your fellow poker players.  Building a community through online poker rooms is a great way to do more than just play poker.


Pick up great poker tips at online poker rooms


Online poker rooms are also a great place to pick up tips.  Whether you want to know what your next move in Texas hold’em should be, or don’t know whether to fold or stay in a poker game, you can ask others who are playing the poker games at the same time as you (or who are just on line at the poker room looking to chat) what they would do in this situation.  Checking in with someone before making a game move is always a good idea; you don’t have to take the advice, but the option is always there.  This also helps to develop a good sense of community spirit.  Sometimes players even post their strategies at these rooms; it’s always a good idea to look at them, just to get a feel for what others are doing while playing poker.  How are they winning their games?


Beginners can get a feel of what a poker community looks like

For those new to playing poker –  especially online poker gaming – the online poker rooms help them become familiar with all the poker terminology as well as that specific to online poker gaming.  No matter what you are interested in – from poker to peas – you will probably find a place in which to chat about it through these online poker rooms.  Once you register at these poker rooms and get in to the chat and other things available, you can start asking your own questions, posting your own tips or just generally discovering more about poker online and what other poker players get up to in their spare time; how well they have been faring at the poker games and what they’ve been doing with the money they’ve made. Regardless of what is going on in your life –  both on and off line – you can choose to become part of the poker community through these online poker rooms.

Waste time but feel wanted with online poker rooms

We spend so much time complaining that we just don’t have enough time, but yet when we do get time, all we want to do is waste it!  Okay, that is just part and parcel of the human condition.  But what these online poker rooms provide is the opportunity to waste time.  Sometimes poker games can get a bit slow, so when you are waiting for your next hand to play, you can chat away online to other players and that passes the time and makes the game go faster.  You don’t have to have a deep and meaningful either, just say “hey, howz it going?” to no one in particular.

Remember:  the more you put in to online poker rooms, the more you’ll get out of them

That’s right.  The more involved you are in the online poker rooms – through whatever level you choose – the more you’ll get out of them.  Obviously you don’t want to give too much away and you still have to be wary of the slightly  obsessive people using the poker rooms like internet stalkers.  So be careful not to give away too much personal information and also ensure that the personal information of yours  you consider private, remains that way. While it might be a fun place to potentially meet a romance date, be careful (especially for the females) with what information you are going to give out too.  Perhaps arrange to meet in a public place and don’t give out your family name, phone number or address until you feel comfortable and have met the individual.  But really, ultimately the online poker rooms are to have fun.  So go ahead and enjoy yourself and build a cool community with these people that you otherwise would probably not have anything in common with, but thanks to poker, now do!


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