Poker Myths

Familiarize yourself with myths about poker since they could be crucial to your game


You may think that it doesn’t matter how much information you garner on playing poker, so long as you pretty much know how to play the game and understand about bluffing.  But that really isn’t the case.  In fact, if you are not fully aware of accurate facts and myths about poker, ultimately it could put you at a severe disadvantage in your game and could also cost you financial distress as you’ll lose money more easily.  So read up on the myths; understand and internalize the facts and be sure to differentiate the two before you start playing poker for money.


Some of the poker myths to be internalized


First of all, it is absolutely not the case that playing poker online is easier than live poker.  It’s just not true. It could be true that sometimes an online poker game is easier than a casino one, but it totally depends on the game, the site, the casino, the players, the payouts, etc.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to have an easier time playing poker online than you would if you were playing at a real casino.  In fact, in some cases, the opposite of this myth is true since real casinos usually get more casual players coming to play as people are just wondering around and think to themselves, ‘hey, that looks kinda fun; maybe I’ll give it a go.’ As well, since people are not able to multi-table in a bricks and mortar casino, there are going to be less table sharks playing at them.  In addition, there will be more sharks through online poker gaming since for the sites that accept US players the games are tougher as there are more sharks playing since they’ll do anything to get their money on these sites due to the recent banking regulations which make it harder for them to play.  So if they’re already playing…


It’s not true that bad players make it harder to win online poker gaming


Another myth that has developed is that the bad online poker players make it harder for a player to win.  This is just a simple case of a bad worker blaming his tools.  In other words, if you’re no good, you won’t win.  The reason this myth developed could be because the opponents are actually good but they might not be so nice. In other words, they might be somewhat aggressive players.  Or, it could just be the case that the online poker game you are playing is just too hard to win because the rake is too high so no matter how good any of the players are, winning just doesn’t come easy, or at all!


Online poker players have said that everybody has to go bust at some point in the game


Again, a poker fallacy.  It may be comforting to those players who often go bust, but it’s simply not true.   But like the myth above, it’s a way for bad players to try and shift the blame to other players but ultimately they’re wasting their time staying at the poker table and no doubt their money too.  Sometimes you’ll just have poker players who win the whole time, but you don’t want to recognize that fact if you’re not one of them.  This myth is about poker no matter where you play it – on or off line.


Players make themselves feel better by claiming that the online poker must be rigged


Now this is just absolutely stupid.  It’s a bad loser who’s saying this.  But it’s of course, part of the human condition as well.  People say it’s all rigged or big pots mean that the overall house rake is increased.  The truth however, is extremely different.  These online poker rooms are highly reputable, owned by mega corporations which are usually traded on public exchanges.  They wouldn’t dare risk rigging games and deflating their reputations.  It just wouldn’t make any sense for them as businesses.


Last word


So ultimately the advice is, if you want to play poker online, you have just as much chance of winning the game as you would if you were playing at a bricks and mortar casino.  Just don’t kid yourself otherwise and you’ll do just fine.


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