Roulette Glossary

Understand the Roulette Vocabulary with a Roulette Glossary


Roulette Glossary

The words used in roulette games are fairly easy to understand even for a beginner player. Most are related to the bets and their position on the table but also general gambling language is used.


Here follows a basic roulette glossary where you can find the most common expressions and their meaning.


American Roulette
– the wheel that consists of both the single and double zero.
Action Player – someone that bets a lot and for an extended period of time.



Backtrack or Balltrack – this is the place on the wheel where the ball runs before it drops into the wheel.
Biased Numbers and Wheels – this refers to a wheel which keeps on producing un-fair numbers that are not regulated by a Random Number Generator.
Big Number – this is a biased number that hits more than what should be possible.
Black Bet – betting on the colour black.
Bottom Track – the area between the balltrack and slots of numbers where the ball slides before it lands.


Column Bet – a bet on an entire column of 12 numbers.
Corner Bet –placing the chips in the middle of four numbers. 
Croupier – the person from the casino that operates the roulette wheel.


Dozen Bet
– betting on 12 numbers at once. There are three possible dozen bets on the roulette table.


En Prison Rule – when the ball lands on 0 the player can choose to leave his money in for an additional round.
European Roulette – the roulette wheel with only one zero.


Five Number Bet – bet on the American wheel which includes 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.
French Roulette – the same wheel as European roulette


House Edge – the difference between the actual odds and the payout i.e. the advantage of the casino.


Inside Bet
– placing a bet on the numbers within the grid on the roulette table.


Line Bet – a bet on six specific numbers on the table layout.
Low Bet – a bet on one of the low numbers on the table layout.


Outside Bet – a bet made on the options located on the outside area of the roulette table.
Odd Bet- betting that one of the odd numbers will come up.


Partage Rule – the player gets half his bet back if the ball lands on zero.


Quarter Bet
– the same as Corner Bet


Red Bet – betting on red coming up.
Roulette Chips – special playing chips used only for roulette.
Roulette System – a system for beating the roulette wheel i.e. the House.


Six Number Bet – the same as Line Bet
Split Bet – betting that one of two specific numbers will come up next.
Street Bet – betting that one of three specific numbers will come up next.


Trio Bet – the same as Street Bet.
True Odds – the actual odds for winning a bet.

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