Learn Basic Roulette Strategies For Beginners

Improve your Roulette results by applying those basic Roulette simple strategies and increase your odds of winning.

Many dream of winning at the roulette table but the truth is that it is very hard to beat the roulette wheel. In this game the odds are not in favour of the player and still it remains one of the most popular casino games online and in land-based casinos. Any true simple roulette strategy will let you know that this is first and foremost a game of chance but you can make some informed choices that can influence the general outcome of your games.


The Best Bets

To play roulette well you need to know what bets to make and what their odds are. If you’d like to go for the big prize money you should play the hardest bets, the one number bets. It is very difficult to get one number out of 36 right so you will have to accept the fact that you most likely will lose. Still, roulette is about excitement and playing the more difficult bets is definitely more nerve wrecking. There are bets that include couples or several numbers. These won’t pay you as much but you are more likely to win on them. 

Watch the video below and learn the different types of bets and their payout odds.


Roulette Betting Systems

If you go deeper into roulette strategy you will soon find that there is plenty of advice online involving betting systems. Betting systems are suggested for all types of games where you rely on chance. The most commonly known betting system goes by the name of Martingale and it wants you to stick to one type of bet and double the money till you win. This can certainly work out if you have a lot of money but most players that tried this lost more than they ever won. It is recommended to stay away from betting systems since roulette is better enjoyed when you don’t stick to one type of bet all the time. 


Roulette Odds

To improve your roulette odds you should start by playing the simple European wheel which only has one zero. The American wheel with another double zero only increases the advantage of the House.  Something else that can improve your odds and chances of winning are special rules which will let you play another round or get money back on the zero. Look for games with the Partage, Surrender or En Prison rules. You can also find specials online where a casino will attach a jackpot or another interesting prize to the roulette games. A game like this will give you more fun as well as better chances of winning a lot. 


Bank Roll Management

Since roulette is all about chance and easy bets any simple roulette strategy must include some form of money management. Even players who usually keep cool about their spending could get carried away at the roulette table. Set limits for how much you can bet on roulette games and make sure to use free versions every now and then.

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