What is Mini Roulette?

An Introduction to Mini Roulette

As implied by its name, Mini Roulette is a smaller version of the popular game of roulette. The roulette game has been a popular pursuit for many years around the globe and with the introduction of online casinos this quickly became an online option. More recently, mini roulette seems to be catching on at many online casinos and Internet gaming sites. 

Like the traditional roulette pursuit, this is a game of chance and requires a splash of luck. The main differences between a standard European roulette game and mini roulette are the size of the wheel, the number of slots found on the wheel and game odds.


The Basics of Mini Roulette

Although mini roulette is based on European roulette the numbers and odds involved in this pursuit differ greatly.

This fun form of entertainment involves the use of a roulette wheel with 13 slots. This makes room for the numbers 1 though 12 in 12 slots, together with a zero slot, in comparison to the 36 compartments on a classic European roulette wheel.

The main aim of the mini roulette game is to predict where the little ball will land following the spin of the wheel. In this fun online pursuit, players place a wager and then set the wheel into motion by clicking on the appropriate section on the screen.

Potential players will be happy to hear that mini roulette does not necessarily mean mini prizes! In some ways at this game, there are more chances of winning as there are less numbers on the table!


Playing Mini Roulette

Players should note that if the ball lands on a zero in mini roulette, half of the wager amount is returned. Possible payouts can be large at mini roulette as there is no maximum amount connected to the betting options. 

At different online gaming sites the mini roulette game is available in online versions and as a download to suit player's' personal preferences.  

Players may also choose to play purely for fun or for real money. A fun free option means that gamers may try out mini roulette for free before playing for real money. 

Bets at Mini Roulette

Just like in a classic game of roulette, at the mini roulette game bets may be placed on numbers or on a combination of numbers. The lower number of slots on the wheel at this game perhaps makes it easier for a gamer to place bets.

Bets at mini roulette may be placed in different ways and the main options are outlined below:

  • A straight bet is a wager placed on any of the numbers available on the mini wheel that is from 0 to 12.
  • A split bet concerns a wager that is placed on any two numbers.
  • A street bet refers to a wager placed on a row of three numbers.
  • Wagers may also be placed according to color that means a choice of red or black.
  • Bets may also be placed on odds and evens.
  • In addition, combination bets are also possible at this game. 

Mini roulette can be explained as a version of roulette that is on a smaller scale. The main differences between this pursuit and its parent game lie in the format of the wheel and in the betting structure. 

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