Roulette Table Layout

Understand how to read the roulette table layout and learn how to place your bets


Roulette Table Layout

Roulette table layout is universal. To understand it you need to know something about the roulette bets but once you know the basics it is very easy to read the table. The roulette table is used for marking every player’s bet and it is important that it is easy and clear to read. In a land-based casino this is never so much an issue but in online casinos the quality of graphics can make a big difference in how the game works.


The Table Layout

The roulette table layout can have different background colours. It is really up to the individual if it is easier to read it with green, red or black background drop. The middle of the table has a grid with all of the possible numbers marked. You will not find the zero or the double zero in this grid. Here you will also see if the number has black or red colour so that you won’t have to search it out on the wheel to know. Around the grid you will find additional bets to make. The roulette table layout reads the best from one direction so it does matter where around it you stand in a land-based casino.


Roulette Table Layout


Inside Bets


You will often come across the expression Inside Bets and this refers to the bets that you can make inside the grid. These bets only include the numbers 1-36 or 1-37 in American roulette. Although the numbers are marked as red or black, according to the colour they have on the wheel, this is not where you bet on colour. The general bets that can be made exclusively or in addition to your inside bets are called Outside Bets.


Outside Bets

The Outside Bets are located around the grid of the individual numbers. These bets include Odd, Even, Red, Black, the zeros and more. At the bottom of the roulette table layout you find the column bets. These squares represent the 12 numbers in the column above. You can also see the three dozen bets marked in three different squares. They usually go by the name 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. It is in the outside bet section that you will find all of the popular even money bets.


Marking your Bets

To set your bet apart from others your chips will have a specific colour. If you play roulette in a land-based casino it can get very crowded around the table and you should consider where you stand. A good roulette table layout should let you see all of the possible bets well from all angles but if not you’d better stand in a way that makes it easy to bet. In online roulette this is not an issue and a good online roulette game should make it very easy for you to understand the roulette table layout.


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