Euro Jackpot Lotto

Euro Jackpot - A Brand New Lottery Game


Euro Jackpot is a brand new lottery game that was launched this March 2012 in the European Union, with nine member countries—Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, and Norway. The most wonderful thing about the Euro Jackpot is that it is available not just for people residing in the above mentioned 9 countries, but also in countries across the globe.


Interested lotto players can purchase Euro Jackpot tickets online just as easily as they can purchase tickets for the Euro Millions lottery game.

How to Play Euro Jackpot

Although Euro Jackpot bears a striking similarity to Euro Millions, it has several advantages over older lottery games. Euro Jackpot rules require players to choose five numbers from a number range of 1 to 50 and two numbers from a number range of 1 to 10. Players who successfully match all the chosen 7 numbers against the numbers chosen during the draw will win the jackpot.



Matching all the 7 numbers, needless to say, is not that easy, but easier than matching the numbers in case of Euro Millions, which presents a main number range of 1 – 50 and a special number range of 1 – 11. Lotto experts say that players have a one in 59 million chance of hitting the jackpot of Euro Jackpot while they have a one in 116 million chance of hitting the Euro Millions jackpot.

The minimum jackpot that can be won in Euro Jackpot lotto game is €10 million, but if no player wins this jackpot, it is rolled over to the next game and will continue to be rolled over till it hits the €90 million mark.

Non Jackpot Prizes

Euro Jackpot is associated with a number of non jackpot prizes too, which will be given away to players who manage to match a few, if not all the numbers chosen. But players will win a larger prize if they manage to match the largest number of numbers. The size of these non jackpot prizes depends on the total prize pool and the number of players who have actually won these prizes.

Euro Jackpot players who fail to win the jackpot have the opportunity to win 11 other non jackpot prizes depending on how many of the seven numbers they have successfully matched. The lowest prize can be won by matching 2 main numbers and 1 extra number.

Euro Jackpot Results

Euro Jackpot draws are held on Fridays and the very first Euro Jackpot draw was held on March 23, 2012, which happened to be a Friday. Tickets for this draw were sold from March 10, 2012.


The Euro Jackpot draw results can be checked at the official Euro Jackpot website. The webpage is updated as soon as a draw is held and the results are verified.

Euro Jackpot draws are held on Fridays and the results are published on Friday evenings. Players who intend to play the Euro Jackpot lotto regularly can bookmark the results page of the Euro Jackpot website so that they can gain quick access to the information they need.

It is already being predicted that the Euro Jackpot lottery will become one of the most famous lotteries all over the world simply because of its player friendliness. Smart lotto players have already observed that it is easier to win Euro Jackpot than it is to win the Euro Millions. Players’ chances of winning the jackpot of Euro Jackpot are double their chances of winning the Euro Millions jackpot. Besides, Euro Jackpot offers generous non jackpot prizes, which has already made it a popular lottery among those who love playing lotto games.




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