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Mega Millions - Mega US Lottery Game

Mega Millions is a lotto game played in the US, offering jackpots that start at $12 million. In fact, players can win anywhere between a minute $2 and a colossal prize of $250,000 if they don’t win the top jackpot. A number of US states are members of this mega lotto game.


Interested players can purchase Mega Millions tickets in 42 US states and also in the US Virgin Islands and District of Columbia. If players need to know exactly where they can play this lotto, they can visit the official website of Mega Millions and check it’s Where to Play page. The seed value of the jackpot is $12 million, but when it gets rolled over to several games, it becomes incredibly large. Players can choose six numbers and win attractive prizes in nine ways. Each game costs only $1.

Mega Millions History

Mega Millions was launched as The Big Game in 1996 on Aug 31. The first draw was held the same year on September 6. At that time, six US states—Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and Michigan—were members of this lottery.

The lotto game grew rapidly after its launch. In Feb 1998, an extra Tuesday draw was added, greatly increasing the excitement of the game. The rules were also slightly modified, giving players a wider choice of numbers. In 1999, New Jersey became a member of the lotto game. In 2002, the lotto game was re-named as Mega Millions, and the game was further modified to give players more chances of winning prizes.


In March 2007, Mega Millions gave away a jackpot as large as $390 million; in fact, this was the largest jackpot ever given away to a lotto game winner in North America. After 2010, many more state lotteries became members of the Mega Millions and an agreement was also signed between Powerball and Mega Millions.

How To Play Mega Millions

Mega Millions rules require players to choose five numbers from a number range of 1 – 70 and one number from a number of 1 – 25. Players who find it difficult to choose can just hit the Easy Pick option and the software will randomly choose the numbers for them. Now, to win the jackpot, players are required to match all the seven numbers chosen with the seven numbers drawn at random at the time of the draw.



The lucky player who wins the jackpot can choose to receive his/her jackpot in 26 annual installments or in one lump sum. If players do not win the jackpot, they need not worry because they can win anywhere between $2 and $250k in other prizes.

To make things more exciting, the Mega Millions lotto in some states includes the lucrative Megaplier feature, which can multiply non jackpot winnings by as many as 4 times.

If players wish, they can share Mega Millions tickets and also the prize if their shared tickets win; however, there are certain conditions associated with sharing tickets and players will have to clarify these conditions with the respective state lotteries. Mega Millions prizes are also subject to income tax.

Checking Mega Millions Results

The results of each Mega Millions draw are available on the official Mega Millions website. Information regarding winners and the amount they won is posted on the website on Saturdays and Wednesdays after the details are verified.

Regular Mega Millions players can also register for the Mega Millions newsletter to get the latest news and draw results right in their inbox.

Another way to check the results is to call the Mega Millions phone number available in each member state.

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