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Powerball - An American lottery game sold in 44 jurisdictions

Powerball is the lotto game of US, the tickets for which are sold in 44 states. The Multi State Lottery Association, a non profit body created via an agreement among lottery games in America, coordinates this lotto game, which gave away the third largest jackpot ever given away in America for a lotto game. This record-breaking prize was as large as $364 million and it was shared among the 8 people who had purchased the Powerball ticket. Each player got a cool prize of $177,270,519.67.


Powerball History

Powerball was launched in 1988 under the name of Lotto America, but the name and rules of this game were changed and Powerball as it is played today was launched only in 1992. The first draw of the new game was held on April 22 the same year.

Powerball is the first lottery game to ever use the two-drum system, which greatly increases jackpot odds, offers a number of levels at which prizes can be won, and enhances players’ chances of winning the jackpot.

Basic Powerball Facts

Powerball is an alluring combination of a cash prize game and a jackpot game, the draws for which are held at 10:59 p.m. on Saturdays and Wednesdays. At each draw, five white balls are selected at random from a drum comprising 69 white balls and one red ball is randomly chosen from a drum comprising 26 red balls. The sale of tickets for the draw is stopped just 59 minutes before the draw.

Players are offered 9 ways to win a prize, as explained below. The top jackpot can be won by matching all the five white balls and the red ball, and the lucky player who wins this jackpot can choose to receive it in 30 installments paid over 29 years or in lump sum. If players choose to receive the jackpot in installments, they will receive larger installments every year because the size of the Powerball jackpot becomes larger every year.

The second largest prize of $1000k can be won by matching all the five white balls drawn from the drum comprising white balls.

Power Play

One of the most special features of Powerball is Power Play, an optional feature that gives players a chance to multiply any prize they might win. Players must note that the Power Play feature does not apply to the jackpot. If players match all the five white balls and choose the Power Play feature, they will win $2,000,000 instead of the usual $1,000,000. While the usual Powerball tickets cost $2, the extra optional Power Play feature costs $1 and players are required to choose it while purchasing their Powerball tickets.



Nine Ways to Win

As previously mentioned, players have 9 ways to win a game of Powerball. If they match all the five white balls and the one red ball, they will win the top jackpot. Likewise, matching five white numbers only gets a prize of $1,000,000; matching four white balls and one red ball gets $10,000; matching only four white balls gets $100; matching three white balls and one red ball also gets $100; matching three white balls and no red ball will get $7; matching two white balls and the red ball will also get $7; matching one white number and the red number gets a prize of $4; and matching only the red ball will get a prize of $4.

Players can purchase tickets in any US state that offers this lottery, but if they win, they must claim the prize in the same place where they purchased the ticket. Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Powerball.


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