SuperEnalotto - Italy's popular national lottery

SuperEnalotto is an exciting and lucrative Italian lotto that promises to transform players’ financial lives for the better. Draws are held at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Italy, but the good news is that the game is open to not only Italian lotto players, but also lotto players all over the world thanks to the fact that players can purchase tickets online.



Every week, millions of lotto players not only from Italy, but also from other parts of the world, participate in this lotto, which was established by Sisal SpA, an Italian private company, back in 1997. However, the SuperEnalotto game has been played in Italy ever since the fifties and, in October 2010, the jackpot of this lotto game touched €177 million. Today, the SuperEnalotto is known for is breathtakingly large jackpots simply because it does not place any limit on the number of times it can be rolled over to the next game.

Lotto players who are interested in this game can purchase their tickets online, irrespective of which country they live in. They only have to visit the SuperEnalotto official website and hit the Play Now button or the Buy Tickets button.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

To play a game of SuperEnalotto, players are required to choose six numbers out of the given 90 numbers for every entry they wish to make. The rules of the lotto dictate that at least 2 lines of numbers must be entered, but the tickets are surprisingly affordable.

During the draw, six main numbers and a Jolly number will be chosen at random. The Jolly number of SuperEnalotto is similar to the Lucky number of Euro Millions and the Bonus Ball of the UK Lotto. Its purpose is to help players win a prize even if they don’t win the major jackpot.

If nobody wins the jackpot, it is pushed to the next game. Since there are 90 balls, the jackpot is rolled over regularly, owing to which lucky players can win really large jackpots.



How to Win the SuperEnalotto

Lotto players are aware that the only way to enhance their chances of winning the jackpot is to make entries of several lines. Players can make multiple entries by choosing more than 6 numbers from the 90 given numbers. If they do this, the numbers they have chosen will be entered as every possible combination of six numbers that can be made. This method of making entries, however, is expensive, but definitely enhances players’ chances of winning. Usually, syndicates use this method of making entries because each member of the syndicate shares the cost of the line. The jackpot, if won, is then shared among the members of the syndicate.


Players who cannot afford the above mentioned method can use a system of making entries called the reduced system. Here, players can choose more than six numbers, but they won’t win the jackpot even if the numbers are a perfect match with the SuperEnalotto numbers. But they can rest assured that they will definitely win some lower prizes.

Super Star

The Super Star number is one of the most attractive features of the SuperEnalotto. While purchasing their SuperEnalotto tickets, players can purchase an extra number called the Super Star number, which is somewhat similar to the Lucky Star number of the Euro Millions.

The draw for the Super Star number is held separately. The SuperEnalotto machine selects a number between one and ninety at random and, if the two numbers match, players will win the prize. Players can either choose their own Super Star number or allow the machine to choose one at random for them.

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